Voice quality on the C grade, you can certainly talk to the th, but get a little fun, the interlocutor can hear more bad, but you are not very good, there is some background noise, crackling, echoing. View our privacy policy before signing up. I need power and lots of it. If I were asked who and why should I buy the th, I would recommend to take it to the office to use a working computer or home, to listen to music mentioned in the said program. I will say this:

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Then I started to drive different programs to see which one is best suited for listening to music.

Adjustable headband, it is gratifying that bhh design quite hard, it is unlikely nokia bh 604 will fall apart after a month of operation. Headset weighs not too much – only grams, was sitting on his head well.

In the headset comes installed on the phone call, so for the G, with the P1i has not happened. In the Russian retail Headset slowly begins to emerge, the average price is about three and a half thousand. All the nomia are large, comfortable, easy to remember, the site here is not saved. They noika solidly constructed though, and the adjustable headband is covered in a soft, leather-like material so it sits nokia bh 604 on top of your head.

Unfortunately, what they ultimately deliver is below average sound quality and a chunky design — all for a hefty asking price. Then switched to iTunes, the same effect – not much. Unfortunately, though the BH’s are easy to listen to, they fall behind many other models in terms of audio quality. The sound produced is very harsh, with evident distortion, especially at higher volume levels. The nokia bh 604 quality is quite nice. The printer was convenient, produced clear and vibrant images and was very easy to use.

We found both incoming and outgoing call quality excellent and definitely on par with dedicated Bluetooth headsets. The assembly is quite normal, nokia bh 604 only thing I did not like the combination is not particularly expensive silver plastic with a black surface looks nokia bh 604 an expensive foreign car stuck a set of “Soviet self-made wing.


Accordingly, the sensation of wearing the most nokia bh 604, even after a couple of hours did not sweat, do not itch and does not fall off from fatigue. Food Connector for charging standard, fine. I think, Issue BH pursued several goals – to emphasize the special music devices company, to add to nokia bh 604 classic overhead headphones, perhaps, to see how the market will perceive this model. I have long thought about that, what the company needed to dilute range of the nokia bh 604, whether in peak activity of Motorola with their patch models, or simply a trend, whether as map lay down.

Design and construction Headphones are big, put it another way by no means out. To begin with, of course, was launched Windows Media Player 11, frankly, not very liked and listened to different genres, such as all wrong.

I would recommend this device for families and small businesses nokiia want one safe place to store all their important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, family, business partners, nokia bh 604 customers.

The BH’s may offer decent handsfree calling, but their performance in streaming audio is below average. In general, this scenario is, I believe the nokia bh 604 – listen to music on a headset and talking on the phone, so it is safer. First off, they cover your entire ear- so they do a decent job of blocking out a bit of the ambient noise around you, offering a more pleasant listening experience.

Nokia BH Reviews :: Headphone Reviews

BH Bluetooth Headphones Review. Not all phones with A2DP, requires selection Quality music playback with most devices average and below average, requires selection Now about the price. The headcans are massive and this of course help to make them comfortable for extended periods of time- which nokia bh 604 great because the battery lasts a long, long time- but takes a hit in the portability factor.


In any case, nokia bh 604 is impressive, by and large, of this jokia can generally forget and not remember until the LED flashes red after a week of dense use.

View our privacy policy before signing up. Musical ability With the P1i sound quality is awful, but Nokia bh 604 no good and did not expect all predictable. If you do decide to use an accessory, not only with a laptop or PC, it is highly recommend to buy nokia bh 604 connect it to the phone and listen to different music, if there nokiz any doubt as playing, you should think about being wanted such a purchase.

As well as listening to music and video nokia bh 604 the headphones, they also work brilliantly for calls. The indicator light is small in size, burns bn when the device is really what’s happening, when connected occasionally flashes green.

Nokia BH-604 Headset overview

Pouch for carrying out a set conditional, since the headset is not formed, then it is necessary in a purely formal, so you do not confuse BH in a bag with anything else.

Nokia bh 604 biggest audio issue though is clarity — but do keep in mind that this is a standard issue of most wireless headphones and not a problem of this unit in particular. I really liked it, that only works with Samsung rewinding a track with nearly all stereo, it’s amazing but apparently there is nokia bh 604 software feature that allows you to do nokia bh 604 without any extra body movements – pressing a button, and all dangle itself.