Some expect these to be ready to use. I just got this Eee Pc with “Hybrid storage” but I’m afraid to put files online that the company can decide to terminate any time it pleases. Without boring you, it’s a respectable model that runs quietly and doesn’t heat up too much in this enclosure, and it runs as well as it should do for a drive of this rpm. Good to hear you got it resolved.. Why is it up to Microsoft to fix the problem and not SimpleTech? Receive error no audio driver installed, yet conextant driver shows in Drivers and Hardware. For days tried some of your sugg.

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Some may work, some may not work. The Bottom Simpletech simpledrive As far as basic external hard drives go, the SimpleTech SimpleDrive is compelling for its low price and generous online storage bundle. After spending hours trolling through various online forums seems that more than a few Dell owners have simpletech simpledrive troubles with SimpleDrivesI found your post.

Windows 10: Old SimpleTech Simpledrive Driver

The SimpleDrive’s case is designed and branded by Pininfarina, the same design firm that’s responsible simpletech simpledrive many of simpletech simpledrive carmaker Ferrari’s most iconic models, including the s Testarossas and the simpletech simpledrive recent Maserati GranTurismo.

The second lead isn’t quite as long as I’d like, though. Failure of computer hardware This ssimpletech helpful 3. It sports an aerodynamic-looking design with a tapered side and side-panel markings that suggest forward motion.

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But this is still speedier than other drives, which took over 53 seconds in Windows and a minute simpletech simpledrive more using pack-in backup software. New 15 Dec 7. I got the simpletech simpledrive SimpleTech Simpledrive Gb a simpletefh ago. Not sure what to do next. Have also tried on wife’s xp with same results. CNET’s Forum on storage is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from a community of experts.

When device usb unplugged while still in computer management, the drive 6 disappears. Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Thanks for the feedback.

Sponsored Read Full Review. I do not simpletech simpledrive when,or where, but I saw a driver for this unit.

Scheduled backups are as easy as choosing the files you want to archive and selecting how often simpletech simpledrive like them backed up daily, weekly, or monthly. A portable hard drive is meant to be used with notebooks or laptops which are usually away from a power source.

simpletech simpledrive

SimpleTech SimpleDrive Portable Hard Drive Review

We use cookies zimpletech other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads. What does disk management in XP say about this drive? Where is the best place to put the simpletech simpledrive files? If you decide to back up your data to CD or DVD media instead of to the SimpleDrive, ArcSoft tells you how many simpletech simpledrive of each type of recordable media you will need to backup your file selection.


A One-Click Backup button on the top of simplefrive unit sports the SimpleTech logo and is surrounded simpletech simpledrive an illuminated, oval capacity meter. If it draws simpletech simpledrive, try using powered ports, usually simpletech simpledrive the back of the PC. All SimpleTech drives now come with a myfabrik.

Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. SimpleTech SimpleDrive Pininfarina review: You can pick files by category, simletech types, or using the advanced tab, pick individual files and folders. Then connected to source receiver and loaded movie.

Old SimpleTech Simpledrive Driver – Windows 10 Forums

The back simpletech simpledrive the portable hard drive has two slots, the one on the left in the picture above is for an AC external power source not included in the retail packageand the one on the simpeltech side is for the USB cable that leads to the computer.

It’s a power-hungry GB drive, simpletech simpledrive all. If so, move to the rear port and start over.

I tried different USB ports, and will update the drivers.